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2008年 11月 15日


Perceval Pressにまたヴィゴのメッセージがあがりました。
You are bound to get lots of people from all over the world offering their opinions - more people than ever before who are concerned, waking up, standing up, wanting to do something, speaking up, caring what happens next - in regard to what Barack Obama ought to do, ought to avoid doing, ought to fix, ought to keep in mind. I include myself. The reason seems quite clear: The behaviour of the U.S. government toward its own citizens and toward all life on this planet has inspired such extremes of callousness and dishonesty around the world that a great many people - not all, certainly, but perhaps a significant majority - actually give a shit for the first time in quite a while what the government and citizens of the United States of America are thinking about right now, thinking about doing, thinking about not doing. We begin to break loose and honestly wonder if something good might come from this new government and from us, the people of this nation. Bring it on! There is absolutely nothing wrong with caring that Mr. Obama not waste this golden opportunity to improve the lives of people and the relations between nations in at least some small way. But with freedom comes chaos, or rather the reminder that nature in its pure, well-observed state seems chaotic. So what? Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness! It's beautiful, it's easy, it's difficult, it's unpleasant, it's us. Let's go. No time like the present.

by miyelo | 2008-11-15 18:06 | Perceval Press

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