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2008年 11月 06日


Perceval Pressにオバマ候補の当選を受けたヴィゴのメッセージがあがってきました。

Congratulations to Barack Obama and Joseph Biden for winning the
presidential election. Now, as they surely know, the real work begins.
Hopefully President Obama's administration will follow through on his
promise to initiate real change in the way the United States of
America is governed and the way the United States government behaves

Hopefully, for starters:

1) It will discontinue the long imperialist tradition the United
States of America has followed until this very moment of using its
military might to threaten, invade, plunder, and in various ways
meddle in the economic, social, and political affairs of other nations
regardless of international law. No matter what the self-interest of
individuals or corporations in the U. S. A. might be, there is no
valid excuse for using against other nations and societies any
unilateral military action, funding of political opposition groups,
the fomenting of unrest, economic piracy and/or environmental
devastation, facilitating or carrying out of assassinations or any
other acts of murder or mayhem on any scale -- all of which have long
been hallmarks of the U. S. A.'s business-as-usual approach to foreign
policy. This, Mr. President, includes Pakistan, Iran, Venezuela,
Colombia, North Korea, Afghanistan, Iraq, Russia, and any and all

2) It will truly put the "Universal" in universal healthcare,
overhauling the system regardless of political inconvenience or
criticism. We do not need the half-measures that Barack Obama and
Hillary Clinton have proposed. We do not need to merely alter the way
insurance companies are allowed to compete for the financial resources
of individual citizens. We need real, tax-payer funded universal
healthcare. We need to start counting wealth in terms of health and
not in terms of dollars in this country, we need to start measuring
strength in terms of the physical well-being of individual citizens
and not in terms of the size of our military arsenal.

3) It will make a sincere effort to make schooling at all levels
universal and free-of-charge.

4) It will try to make voting in elections mandatory. Those who do not
vote should be fined. The right to vote must be granted to anyone who
is a citizen and has a Social Security number and a valid mailing
address. Registration should not be required of anyone who has a
Social Security number, photo I.D., and a valid mailing address.
Ballots should automatically be sent to all who are thus qualified.
Election Day should be a national holiday.

If any of the expectations expressed above seem confusing, impossible,
"socialist", or in any way unrealistic to President Obama, it might
behoove him to get in touch with individuals like Dennis Kucinich,
Congressman from Ohio's 10th Congressional District, who will most
likely be happy to advise him on how these much-needed steps toward
Real Change might be initiated and followed through on. You have
promised us and the world a lot, Mr. Obama, and we expect a lot from


by miyelo | 2008-11-06 07:34 | Perceval Press

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