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2005年 10月 25日




こちらに3分半ほどのインタビューのビデオクリップが上がってますが、Blades Worldのメンバー(なぜかなってるんですよね~。もうすぐメンバーシップが切れちゃいますが)でなければ、見ることができません。(ファイルはダウンロードしたんですが。) このインタビュー、ポワポワの頭をして、綺麗なジムの中をクルクル見ながら、答えていて、中々可愛いんです。

追記: コチラでファイルをダウンロードできるようにしてみました。うまくできてるかな?

Sean Bean makes an Impact

Sean Bean visited United’s Academy on Friday to help launch Impact – United’s new Health and Fitness Centre.

“It’s great. It looks good from when I last saw it – it was dilapidated and run down then. I’m not really a fitness freak, though I try and keep fit because of some of the jobs I do.

“We are starting a one off series of Sharpe, there’ll be lots of horse riding, and sword fighting, so I’m due in the gym next week to prepare.

“For different jobs I bulk up and get in different shapes. I quite enjoy getting in the gym. The parts you play keep you in shape, I’m fairly fit naturally because I play football and sport.

“I was nothing special as a player, I was a midfielder, what you would call an inside right. I played for the school and pub teams up Handsworth. I recently went in goal for a game in Mexico.”

by miyelo | 2005-10-25 18:17 | ショーンB

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