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2016年 06月 30日

クロアチアでのインタビュー #2CELLOS

先週のクロアチアの新聞24 sataの金曜日の付録(というのかなテレビ番組表とかが入ってる特集らしい)Café24に2CELLOSのインタビューが載りました。teich@sivizekoが英語に訳しておしえてくれて、日本語に訳してもいいということなので、ご紹介。Thank you teich@sivizeko!

2016年6月24日 24 sata Café24




「彼らとレコーディングができたことは光栄なことや。それに有名なAIRスタジオで録音したんだ。アルバムには「グラディエイター」「ロード・オブ・ザ・リング」「ゴッドファーザー」の曲や何曲かクラシックが入る。交響楽団が彼らのパートを録音したから、僕らはそれをめちゃくちゃにするにはすごく頑張らんなきゃならない… って、彼らと一緒だと、アルバムは悪くなりようがないってことやで」とステパン(笑)。アルバムは来年発売される予定だ。彼らが特に喜んだのは博物館レベルの楽器で演奏したことだ。







ということで、えっとステパン、その人って明らかにあの人だよね。ストーカー・・・ で、ルカのほうはエルトンのコンサートって言ってることはだいぶ前?しかし、どうやったらSNSだけで恋人だと思い込むことができるんだ?



Luka Sulic and Stjepan Hauser will celebrate five years of their career with a concert in Zagreb. For Café24 they are talking what problems they had with the fans, but also where they will go on vacation.

The famous musical duo 2Cellos,also liked by famous Ellen Degeneres, started recent European tour in Verona, and on July 2nd , at the Zagreb Tomislav square they will celebrate the fifth anniversary of a successful career, with the free open air concert. Luka Sulic (28) and Stjepan Hauser (30) can not wait to play in front of the home crowd. - Five years of madness. Everything we imagined have became true. We have to watch what we dream because everything really became true. I can say that this was five years of fairy tale- says Hauser. A few days ago in London they astarted recording their fourth album on which they collaborated with the London Symphony Orchestra. - We are honored to record with them, and we were filming in the famous AIR Studios. Our album will include songs from the film 'Gladiator', 'Lord of the Rings', 'The Godfather' and a few classics. Symphony Orchestra has recorded tracks so we would really have to work hard to screw it .... I mean, with them, the album can not turn bad - said Stjepan laughing . The album will be released next year. They are especially delighted because they played on instruments that are museum pieces.

- I played the old, very precious Stradivarius cello that I got on loan just for this occasion. It is worth a few million euros. Luka played one of the first AMATI cellos, which was made in 1616 - says Stjepan, who prefers to relax with his fiancée Jelena Rozga (38) and music. He does not like to watchTelevision , but both would like to try being actors. - We would like to act in a film about ourself. We have already received an offer from a screenwriter, but there is still time for that . One day, why not? Although, who will remember all the gigs. Each performance is an adventure for us - says Stjepan. His mother has a big wish to visit the Sydney Opera House, and he has a plan how to fulfill it . - We play there in the fall and I am persuading her to come with me - says cellist who celebrated the anniversary of his relationship with Jelena Rozga a few days ago . Although both Stjepan and Luka are happily in love, it does not prevent their fans to be persistent in conquest. - I had a fan, which has turned into a real stalker. She traveled all over the world where we travelled . It was a little scary - says Stjepan. Luka also had unpleasant experience - She was a girl from Poland who was convinced that she is in a relationship with me , but in fact she was corresponding with someone who has opened a fake profile for six months on social network. She was convinced in our relationship. She came to Germany at Elton's concert, waving to me from the front row. When she realized what happened ,she cried a lot .It was disasterous for me - says Luka. After exhausting concerts,guys will still catch a few vacation days in August which Luka will spend in Dalmatia, but also with his girlfriend Tamara Zagoranski. - I can sunbathe, snorkel, hike, drink wine, enjoy ... It relaxes me, nature, sports, paragliding, scuba diving, friends .. - says Luka, who decided it was time to invest earned money in some real estate. He shall build a house in Slovenia, while Stjepan will buy an apartment, as he says, alone ,without his girlfriend Jelena.

Although cellists spend much time together, they found a solution how not to bore each other. - Sometimes we land at the airport and everyone goes at his own side , without a word ,at the plane we sit as far away from each other as possible , and often at the hotel we sleep on different floors only not to meet -

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