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2014年 06月 09日

ステファンのインタビュー。サボテンを集めてたらしい #2CELLOS

The New York TimesのSunday Reviewにステファンのインタビューが。あれ?ルカのは??
Sunday Review
Stjepan Hauser
The New York Times 2014年6月7日 

READING: Oshoの「The Book of Ego」を読み終わったところで、感動した。この本を読んで、人は人生でもソーシャルメディアでも多くの違うマスクをかぶってることに気がついた。非常に多くの場合、人は他の人が自分をそうだと思っている自分で頭がいっぱいになっている。それは花がサボテンやヤシの木になりたいけどそうじゃないみたいなものだ。花は花で、それで十分。しなければならないことは花であることだけなんだ。


LISTENING: スペイン語とイタリア語のポップソングを聴くのが好きだ。エロス・ラマゾッティの曲ですごくいいのがあるんだ。Più Bella Cosa。ズッケロも素晴らしいイタリア人歌手だ。そして、クロアチア人歌手のオリバーが大好きだ。彼の声を聞いて育ったんだ。レイ・チャールズやジョー・コッカーみたいだ。スティングの声も好きだ。クラシック音楽を合うね。彼と仕事を一緒にしたいというのが僕の大きな願いの一つだ。




サボテンを集めて名前をつけてる少年・・・・ そして12時間ノンストップで歩く・・・・ 

Sunday Review
Stjepan Hauser

JUNE 7, 2014

Stjepan Hauser is a Croatian cellist and half of the group 2Cellos, which is known for its covers of popular rock songs. A YouTube video of the duo playing AC/DC’s “Thunderstruck” has gotten more than 18 million views so far.

READING I just finished reading “The Book of Ego” by Osho. I was blown away by this book. After reading it, I became aware that people are wearing so many different masks in life and on social media. Very often people are obsessed with what others think of them. It’s like if a flower wants to be a cactus or a palm but it’s not. A flower is a flower and that’s enough. That’s all you have to do is be a flower.

Performers have to be showmen and present themselves in a way people expect. But I actually feel more comfortable onstage than offstage. Everything I do just comes naturally. I don’t feel as confident in normal life situations.

LISTENING I love listening to pop songs in Spanish and Italian. There’s a song by Eros Ramazzotti that is really great — “Più Bella Cosa.” Zucchero is another great Italian singer. And I love the Croatian singer Oliver. I grew up with his voice. It’s like Ray Charles and Joe Cocker. And I like Sting’s voice. It goes well with classical music. He’s one of my big wishes to work with.

WATCHING I love watching live shows from different artists from different stages of their lives. I’m always interested in the mastery of the live performance. AC/DC when they were really young, they were just amazing. Really intense and crazy. And the classical pianist Vladimir Horowitz, the older he got the better he was, which seems impossible when the piano is such a demanding instrument. He’s so cool, he hardly moves. With such little effort, he creates maximum impact.

FOLLOWING I don’t really follow anyone in particular but I like to interact with fans online. Our fans are mostly women, which I don’t complain about. They always ask how many bows we destroy because we play so intense. When we were filming “Glee” episodes we ran out of six bows in one afternoon. Normal cellists go through, like, one, like every two years or something.

COLLECTING When I was a kid, I collected cactuses. I had hundreds of different kinds in my room. I was a weird child. Everyone was playing football and I was collecting cactuses. I spent all my money on them. I had so many colors and shapes. I even gave them names. And when one cactus was getting old and was about to die, I was praying for it all night long.

WALKING Walking is my big passion. I love walking for hours and hours every day. Everywhere I’ve gone, I walked so much, I can say I walked the entire planet. It relaxes me and gives me time and space to think about things. Once I walked 12 hours nonstop in London. I walked the whole Thames; the whole river.

Kate Murphy is a journalist in Houston who writes frequently for The New Y

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