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2008年 12月 14日


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Message to citizens of Germany:
I have recently been doing interviews in an effort to promote the new Vicente Amorim movie "Good", a movie our film-making team is proud of, and in which I am proud play a German. It has come to my attention that, when I spoke about realising I had certain prejudices about Germans and their spoken language as I was preparing the role of the professor, 'Halder', it was not always reported that I admitted this in order to explain that playing the part had helped me get past these stupid prejudices of mine. There is always the risk that one's statements will be misconstrued when not reported in their entirety. If the partial reports of what I spoke about have in any way offended Germans or anyone else, I am very sorry. Hopefully, Germans and anyone else interested in this matter will avail themselves of the complete record.
Viggo Mortensen.

by miyelo | 2008-12-14 15:29 | Perceval Press

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